Learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you build your dream home!



As well as building New Homes we also do Home Extensions


Help With Sub Division Process

As we are also investors ourselves we can help you with the sub division process



We are able to offer a drafting service for drawing up owner design plans or modifying our plans


Engineer Reports

We can arrange for Engineers Report once plans are in place for building your New Home


Presentation & Preparation of Homes

If you are looking for Preparation and Presentation of your current home or investment property for Sale or Rent we can provide this service for you. Fees are on a sliding scale depending on how much help you require / location


Project Management

If you are an investor/developer / or Owner Builder we can arrange to project manage your project. Fees depend on the location/size and complexity of your design


Energy Efficiency Reports

Energy Efficiency Reports are required for Building Approval, these can be arranged with our provider


Council Application

We take your project from the initial planning stage through to the final building approval and construction. However, if you just need help to get your project through the planning & Building approval process we can provide this service. Fees for this an on a sliding scale


Rebuilding Fire Destroyed or Fire Damaged Homes

If you are unfortunate and have a home that has been destroyed or damaged by Fire give us a call. We know first hand how distressing this is.


H.I.A Fix Priced Contract Or Cost Plus Contract Available

We offer both a Housing Industry Association “Fixed Price Contract”, or a Housing Industry “Cost Plus Contract”   this contract is completely transparent. Call us for more information

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